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1 to 16 channel multiviewer with HDMI output for 3G/HD/SD and custom layouts. 

SRP $795

(Excl. VAT)

The DMON-16SL from Decimator Design (a "Lite" version of the 16S) is a low cost, miniature 16 to 1 Multiviewer. The 16 SDI inputs are independent of each other, meaning you can monitor a mix of 3G/HD/SD feeds.  Select from preset layouts or customise your own, depending on the number of feeds you wish to monitor.  The Decimator DMON-16SL multiviewer allows you to:

  • Monitor between 1 and 16 independent 3G/HD/SD-SDI feeds
  • NEW - support for both 3G level A + B on the inputs
  • Select your output format over HDMI
  • Select your output format in both Full-Screen and Multi-Viewer mode
  • Fully customise your layouts with the ability to save & load
  • 16 character customisable UMDs (NEW)
  • Audio ID overlay
  • Fast switching between inputs using Full-Screen scaling
  • Low latency buffering for each input allowing non-synchronous inputs
  • Each window is independent of the others with variable aspect ratios per window
  • Auto Detect & display any format of any frame rate simultaneously
  • Select any of the 16 inputs for pass-through to the HDMI output
  • Control from a distance via USB on a Mac/PC app
  • Control on-unit using the buttons and LCD screen
  • Toggle one feed to fullscreen

For UMDs, Audio Meters, Graticules and Tallies see the DMON-16S.

DMON-16SL comes with a Locking DC Power Supply, USB Cable, HDMI Cable & Mounting Bracket.  Warranty for all Decimator Design products is 3 years.

For full product specs visit the Decimator Design website.

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